Replacing the "how" by the "why"

Feelings of urgency or force of habit sometimes cause us to forget why we are doing things. Does a co-worker need meaning in order to function, to advance?
Bring the team together to discuss "why" 
Resisting the reflex to think immediately of "organization" means taking the time yourself to sit down, and to sit down with the team, around the key questions of:
- Why are we taking this direction?
- What do we want to arrive at? With what benefits?
- What values are we thus defending? For what purpose?
- What exactly is expected of us? And how will we know when we have succeeded?
- What will we have contributed?
- What will this offer to each of us?
It is up to the manager to choose the questions that are likely to promote exchange and engagement in discussion.
Get people involved instead of explaining
The goal is to kindle the team's reflection, engagement, adherence. So avoid big speeches and presentations! Your co-workers will find meaning in what speaks to them; they need to pose their questions and imagine responses, to formulate things in their own words according to their vision, to compare points of view. More than giving meaning, it's a question of drawing it out on the basis of clear and concise information.       
Avoid trite phrases
It is easy and tempting to employ general expressions ("living in the digital age," "being a key player"...) They are sometimes inevitable initially, but not always unifying in the long term. There is thus a need to relate them concretely to the team, to each person's projects and interests using "unofficial" terms. It's a task of reformulation to undertake with the team, who generally find the exercise meaningful!       

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