Discussing a raise

A team member has reached their annual objectives. However, they haven't been given a personal increase. How do you communicate this decision? Difficult task that means the manager has to use determination and flexibility.
The worst situation: wait until the team member has received their salary slip and then comes to complain. It is more respectful to anticipate the deception and tell the person about the decision during a private meeting.
The need to anticipate would be the same in any other situation where deception is possible: promotion not given, new organization … 
Spell out the decision rapidly and clearly
When a decision is difficult to announce we have a tendency to beat about the bush and take verbal precautions which only annoy the listener and help them prepare. It is better to spell out the key message in a few words.       
Give your reasons in the second phase
Another mistake in this sort of situation: justifying before the other person has received and digested the message. Not only is this useless (the person is surprised and disappointed, they don't hear) but it is dangerous for the relationship: the team member can think you are trying to confuse the issue. It would be better to wait until they are ready before explaining the reasons.       

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