Handling a leader in a meeting

Maintaining your role as the organizer of a meeting sometimes requires you to define clearly your position in the face of a strong and "attractive" personality. Clearly but gracefully, so that affirmation does not become opposition!
Hear the "disruptive" contribution
A natural reflex: to ignore contributions that would carry us away from our objectives. It is better however to hear them and signal clearly: "yes, that's an interesting idea," or "that's a point to keep in mind for later." But signal it briefly, without elaborating further, since the very point is not to elaborate on the topic that has been raised.       
Review the meeting's plan
The organizer is the proper person to bring the meeting's order back into view: its objective, its duration, its procedures or the rules of participation in the group. We expect that he assure it be followed, even if he must oppose certain wills to do so.       
Give each person the floor
It is essential in every meeting to aim at a fair distribution of speaking time among the participants. This is even more true if some of the participants seek to monopolize the floor. In such a case you can ask the group their views, or even call on each member, in order to equalize the speaking time and allow for the exchange of ideas.       

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