Going beyond discouragement

We sometimes imagine the manager as some sort of superman. He should be optimistic, resistant, enthusiastic … in short, not really human! As if, to deserve the role, he has had to erase the highs and the lows of his moods. But is that really to be encouraged, or even, possible?
Recognise discouragement
Recognising that 'something's wrong' is an anti-method Coué. There is a fear that we'll get bogged down, give in to the complaint even worsen the situation. And yet, it's by admitting that something's wrong that you can envisage getting better. Let's trust Hölderlin: « there where peril grows that which can save us also grows ».       
Practise self-questioning
Organised self-questioning allows you to work out what the problem is and what you really want: « what seems insuperable? Why now? Will there be consequences?... » A constraint for the exercise: don't look for solutions immediately. It's better to let these questions/replies mature and our common sense will lead us eventually to solutions.       
Discouragement and solitude are incompatible! Not that you should complain to the team but in some situations you should ask questions and express your preoccupations. So when you adopt a constructive position: finding together how to get over the obstacles even if they seem enormous.       

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