Focus your attention to be more efficient

The workload never stops growing... and sources of "distraction" as well! Every day we are assailed by many solicitations (emails and instant messages, invitations...) and it is not easy to resist, to stay focused on the task at hand or to say no to intrusions on our schedule. However, without a clear focus on our priorities, we lose our efficiency but become exhausted intellectually and socially!

Plan for periods of sustained work
As Carlson's Law tells us, our brain needs time to become fully engaged with a subject. Interrupting it once it has reached its phase of maximum productivity means returning to square one: loss of time, energy, and hence of efficiency!       
Disconnect from the world around you
To some this may seem unthinkable, utopic. And it only makes sense when one needs to perform a task that requires concentration. Of course, disconnection must be planned (one doesn't simply disappear!): adjust its duration, take into account one's post and the context, set up communication (phone message...) and/or a back-up, and on the day-to-day level get your entourage used to the idea that you are not reachable at every moment. It's also a way to create respect for your own time!       
Use the bubble technique
Above all, don't give in to the law of multitasking, but rather make a contract with yourself: "for 5, 10, or 20 minutes, I will work on this question and only this one." In such a way we create, mentally, a bubble that protects us from the outside world... and from ourselves!
It takes practice to do this successfully but the technique is worth trying out!       

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