Reacting to a panicked co-worker

How to react in front of a co-worker who is in a situation of stress or even panic? We would like to relieve the pressure so that they can calm back down a bit, help them to organize themselves or set up ways of handling things that are better suited to what the context demands. But it's not always so simple...
Reacting to a panicked co-worker
One priority: get your co-worker to take a pause, to relieve his agitation.
It's impossible for him to find a solution and get out of his negative spiral if he doesn't take the time to step back. You could suggest getting a coffee, going outside for some fresh air... the important thing is to reduce the immediate pressure.
Help them to get perspective
Once the tension has dropped a bit you can help him, by means of a few simple questions, to study the situation calmly and to see it from a different angle: "What is the principal problem? What are your fears at this stage? What are you lacking? What have you already done? How can I help you?..." Once the situation has been clarified it will be easier to search together for a solution, an avenue of action.       
Affirm your support
Stress is provoked by the feeling of not being able to face things, of being powerless, and those around us are an important source of comfort. It's a matter of showing your co-worker that he is not alone and that it is your responsibility to help him, to provide operational and even moral support if necessary.       

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