Congratulating the team

A team that completes a project successfully - what's unusual about that? In fact, reaching an objective often requires co-workers to overcome obstacles, to go the extra mile, to push themselves. These are things that deserve to be highlighted and applauded!
Create "an event"
We don't offer congratulations every day, so we might as well do it right and avoid a rapid thank-you at the end of a meeting! One strategy: to create "an event". It could be by inviting one of the directors, a person from another department, or a client who could speak of the impact of the team's work. Or else a convivial moment "out of the ordinary", to share the pleasure of your success.       
Say something with substance
"Thanks, great job!" needs to be developed in order to have some substance and to be useful to your listeners. What did they do particularly well? Why does that stand out? What is the impact of their work? What image does it give to the team? … It's a matter of fleshing out the message, of giving it some content.       
Introduce the pleasure of sharing
Shared success cements a team together; it is a fabulous reservoir of good and less good memories. So it is essential to allow the sharing of them and the formulation of a common experience: What did you learn together? What doubts did you overcome? What do you take away from this experience? ...       

Each question has only one correct response, but be careful: among the possible responses there is one that is "almost correct" and might make the choice harder!

1 / 3   A very satisfied customer
A client sends you a complimentary email: "[...] your team has been very reactive and Malika's initiatives were extremely professional [...]" . What do you do?
You transfer the email to the team with an accompanying message "Well done everyone, in particular Malika".
Transferring the email with a brief message could be counter-productive. It could be seen as a well done Malika, and not the rest f the team.
You call Malika to read her the email and to express your satisfaction.
It is important to compliment Malika in particular. But the rest of the team must be complimented too.
You transfer the email to Malika with your compliments and organise a briefing with the team to inform them of the client's feedback.
Yes, it is worth giving specific feedback to Malika and the team should be complimented collectively.
You write to the whole team because you don't wish to differentiate between your collaborators: "our very satisfied, thank you everyone!"
You could underline the particular work done by Malika at the same time as highlighting the work of the entire team. One doesn't exclude the other. 
2 / 3   Aborted project
Your team has produced high quality work on a project which in the end is aborted.
You announce to the team "The project has been aborted but you mustn't get discouraged and must carry on moving forward. I am counting on you". What do you think of this message?

It is pertinent because it is focused on the future.
The message doesn't highlight the work done and your message, to a team disappointed, is a little too positive, at this stage.  
It would be best to say:"I congratulate you on the work you’ve done. We are all disappointed not to have been able to go further but what you have accomplished is of a high standard, especially on..."
Yes, you recognise the effort and the deception. You could also underline what this work has brought to the team and the company.
It would be better to analyse why the project failed:"we need to understand what happened and learn from the experience".
Useful step, but not for the moment. First, recognise the quality of the work done.

This is stimulating because it commits the team.
"I am counting on you" won't motivate the collaborators and could even annoy them because they have already given much time and effort.  
3 / 3   Marking an achievement
You don't have a budget but you would like to mark a recent team achievement. What do you do ?
You invite the team to lunch.
Why not but it is not really that outstanding!
You send each member a thank you email.
Interesting initiative but needs to be complemented by a more notable event.
You organise the publication of a "success" ticket on the intranet: An interview of the team by the communication department, congratulating the interlocutors concerned...
Yes, highlighting the achievement of the team throughout the company is a notable act.
You announce: "as soon as it is possible, I will ask for a bonus for each member of the team.
Risky! You are not sure of obtaining the bonus and therefore cannot commit yourself for the moment.
Your score is
You finished!
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